Telematics is an essential tool for modern day trucking. At a glance we can see the speed, heading and current location of your load, the trailer set point and actual box temperature. We look after your product from collection to delivery for your total peace of mind.

Driving our business forward is the constant revision of technology that we use. As well as a fully tracked fleet, vehicles and driver activity is all interlinked into our planning and transport systems, with drivers having devices to be able to directly send POD’s to the system, so our customers can get POD’s in real time.

One of the key elements of any technology is making it accessible, simplistic and cost effective for our customers. A simple EDI document replaces the need for costly system integration or complex on screen inputting. Sending this to us will process you orders direct into our system. In fact we have made it so simple it takes just a few moments of your time to process all of your orders.

Due to the advanced systems we use, we are able to provide you with virtually any information you require quickly and easily. No longer a lengthy call to the transport office, who then call the driver, just so you know your product has arrived – our systems can send you an email to advise of collection and delivery, in real time. Simple, effective and powerful information direct to you when you need it most. Our Temperature Controlled Fleet also offers live trailer temperature tracking so you can be sure that your product arrives in perfect condition, ready for market.

By constantly reviewing and advancing our systems we are proud to be able to offer these “Premium” Services as a standard.